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we unite because we know our character and we have a good connection .

I am Maria ValentinaVasquez and I am 16 years old .

My name is YandriMelissa and I am 16 years old .

My mom is called Rocio Arciniegas and my sister Alejandra..

His father Edisson, his mother Graciela and his nephew Mariangel.

My dog is called Simon and I have her 3 years ago and .

My dogis called, it's a beautiful pet and I love it.

My friendsare Karina Andrea and Mafe Camacho.

they are my friends, Julian Camilo and Mariana

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In this photo I am on my niece's bicicle.

This is my bike and the picture is taken by my mom.

In this photo us we find a policemanpolice station.

This is a private security guard.guard

A casual photo in a tourist place of Espinal. Espinal,

We are with a firefighter and that provides security. fire station

This place is the cemetery index.shtml"

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